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Is Your Network Ready for High Definition Video?
We can supply and install Cutting Edge High Definition Network Video Readiness Evaluation and Monitoring Services - vDNA and vAnalytics.
To find out more about the vDNA Network Analysis Service contact Terry Couchman on +44 (0) 7973 226489

We provide an end-to-end service delivering Video-Enabled Communication Solutions to customers globally.
By delivering fully-integrated, best in class, real-time collaboration solutions utilising audio, video and web conferencing products and services which deliver the highest possible ROI (return on investment) for our customers.

“We provide the most effective way of communicating with people - wherever they are - in order to improve ROI, time to market and business performance whilst managing your cost pressures.”

Video-Conferencing is the next best thing to face-to-face collaboration when it comes to team-work.  It allows participants to meet with all the benefits of being “face-to-face” but without the need to bring them all into one physical location.  It enables fast and effective communication between team-members throughout the organisation and its network of suppliers, customers and partners.  Video-enabled collaboration improves business performance for our customers - in both mission critical and day-to-day operations.

They can share in real-time, media-rich information such as documents, presentations and drawings.  They can engage in discussions, conduct interviews, prepare tenders & professional proceedings, involve experts, discuss and share detailed information, collaborate on product design & development, meet with the press, shareholders or other interested parties and roll out consistent training worldwide.  The applications are endless.

We supply and install Video-Conferencing to the following sectors:-

Finance, Insurance & Banking
Legal & Professional
Media, Leisure & Entertainment
Oil & Gas

Customers planning to invest in video-enabled communication solutions are looking for best-in-class products and technology from world-class suppliers, standards-based, that are able to be integrated with existing infrastructure and processes. All this within a scaleable model and that enables the technology to evolve along with the business needs.

The team responsible for deploying video collaboration products and technology is challenged with answering a diverse and complex range of questions.

Products and technologies are wide-ranging and the market-place is constantly changing. IP, ISDN-based, SIP, standards, end-points, MCUs, Gateways, Gatekeepers, IMS-platforms, management control applications, integration, network demands, etc having to respond to users’ growing expectation of increasing performance, quality, reliability and flexibility.

There’s convergence and consolidation within this market-place. All of this makes deciding what the technology strategy is somewhat of a challenge.

BBI understands the multiple technologies involved. We use world-class, best in breed products and technology when it comes to the hardware, the software and the middleware - because these are the building blocks on which an applications-focused customer solution is delivered. We’ve been around long enough to know its roots and how it’s evolving - indeed, to a certain extent, we’re able to influence this too.

For more information regarding our services we can provide, please contact us via our contact section.