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BBI can undertake all of your HVAC requirements from initial site survey through to handing over the complete installation.
We also offer a maintenance programme to ensure that your equipment is maintained as per manufacturers guidelines in order to keep your warranty intact.

We can supply and install a complete system to suit your individual needs, whether its just a single unit costing a few thousand pounds to a complete major building system costing over a million pounds.
Whatever your needs our attention to detail remains the same.

We aim to create a Healthy Environment in Modern Commercial Premises.
'Modern Ventilation is about people and providing a good level of indoor air quality, whilst ensuring Effective Building Performance'.

Critical factors such as Air Quality, Energy Efficiency and Noise Pollution are always considered to ensure suitable design and selection.
BBI delivers quality and innovation  through value for money ventilation and air-conditioning solutions.
First Class Technical Support is provided by all our major equipment manufacturers.
By working directly with the manufacturers we are able to offer an innovative design of Bespoke Systems as a solution to your project that is both affordable and fulfils all your operational requirements within your budget.

Part L2 Building Regulations
With the introduction of Part L" new building design is changing to become more airtight as well as energy efficient.
The need for fresh air has remained the same however and thus poses new challenges for modern design.
Modern equipment fully meets these challenges due to its basic principal and its efficient heat recovery characteristics.

Air Quality & Ventilation
Poor air quality can be attributed to many problems in the workplace or the home.
It is believed to contribute to a significant loss in productivity, low morale and higher rates of sickness amongst employees.
The object of providing good ventilation alongside air-conditioning in residential and commercial premises is to provide conditions under which people can live and work in comfort and safety.

Heat Recovery & Ventilation
With the emphasis on energy saving and the need to create air tight buildings, this type of equipment is most suitable for this type of application.
The concept of the 'crossflow' air pattern provides simultaneous air supply & exhaust therefore ensuring effective ventilation.
During this process up to 70% of normally wasted heat may be reclaimed whilst providing a comfortable air temperature within the building.
The energy saved by use of this equipment contributes towards lowering the heating or cooling requirements within the building, therefore reducing the energy requirement and running costs.
When the outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor air-conditioned temperature in the Summer, the unit provides fresh outdoor cool air to reduce the indoor air temperature.
Equipment within this category can range from a simple through wall mounted unit to ceiling void / ducted type, to large commercial internal / external models incorporating heating and cooling coils.

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)
Key features
Under the scheme all businesses liable for UK Corporation Tax are able to claim an enhanced capital allowance on any qualifying expenditure (regardless of size and location of business or whether in the Industrial or Commercial Sector).
Businesses can offset the full cost of specific technologies against taxable profits for the period of the investment.

In order to qualify for this scheme technology has to meet the energy saving criteria as published in the Energy Technology Criteria List.
Only investment in new and unused plant & machinery qualify.

We supply and install the following brands:-

Ducting & Mechanical Ventilation
Daikin 'VAM'
Mitsubushi 'Lossnay'
VES 'Ecovent'
Vent-Axia 'Clean Air Systems'

We can also undertake routine duct-work maintenance cleaning as part of our maintenance programme for yourselves.

Lastly all of the above can be financed through our Funding Facility that we are able to provide; which is detailed in our website under our About Us section.