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The cost of furniture has reduced substantially in real terms over the past decade, but this remains a highly variable cost, dependant on specification, quality and finishes.

Furniture costs should be considered separately from fitting out costs.
Despite the fact that a single desk of reasonable quality can cost around £300, one needs to consider the requirements for Task seating, storage, screening and accessories together with the cost of furniture for meeting rooms, reception areas, breakout areas etc.

For budgetary guide purposes the following should be used (budget range depends upon complexity of requirement).

A good ‘contract’ quality to include good mid-market synchronous-action ergonomic chairs.
Finishes generally MFC (melamine) and fabric.
£800 - £1200 per occupant overall.

Mid Specification
Furniture from reputable, major suppliers with good design detailing.
To include fully ergonomic chairs with good design detailing e.g. mesh back. Finishes MFC, glass laminate or veneer, and fabric. Provision for limited leather upholstery in key areas.
£1500 - £2000 per occupant overall

High Specification
The best of everything – beautiful design and technical sophistication.
Finishes in veneer, solid core laminates, glass, leather and specials.
£2500 - £3000 per occupant overall.

Of course, it is possible to set any budget between these levels, and to ‘mix and match’ different styles of products for a balanced solution.
All cost indications include delivery & installation, but exclude VAT.

Good quality furniture will last much longer than lower - cost item that need replacing more frequently - but are you the client in for a quick fix or the long haul? Lower cost or best value? The choice is yours.

BBI is a major independent specifier, and can obtain attractive terms from all reputable manufacturers on your behalf.