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When specifying finishes BBI as part of our initial audit, look at the life cycle of the product and wherever practical specify finishes that are made from renewable or recyclable materials.

 A selection of our Environmental Business Partners are as follows: 

Interface Floor Carpet
Interface  ranges can be purchased under the "Cool Carpet" scheme which makes the products 'climate neutral'.
This means that any greenhouses gases emitted during the life cycle (from raw material acquisition to production, use, and final disposal) of production are offset by Interface.  They will also collect and recycle your carpet at the end of its use.

More information on Interface can be found @  www.interfaceflor.eu

Forbo Marmoleum
Marmoleum is made predominately from natural raw materials, the prime ingredient is linseed oil, combined with wood floor ecologically responsible pigments that add colour.
The plants that provide the raw materials also produce oxygen that helps to reduce Co2 levels in the atmosphere.As a direct result Marmoleum is fully biodegradable and recyclable at the end of its long life.

More information on Forbo Marmoleum can be found @  www.forbo-flooring.com

Dextra Lighting
Dextra manufacture the complete range of lighting that is suitable for commercial use. there range is both extensive as well as fulfilling low energy requirements.

More information on Dextra Lighting can be found @  www.dextralighting.co.uk

If you are aware of any other institutions that we should consider using as partners on your project please contact us.

To summarise:
We source from reputable suppliers, who use Sustainable Materials and pay a fair price under Fair Trade Agreements which helps the local economies at grass roots level. They in term look after their local environment.

We dispose of our waste products responsibly and work to a vigorous just in time policy thereby ensuring minimal waste is created.  If materials are surplus to requirements, we then whenever possible arrange for the supplier to collect and resell rather than send to land infill.

Low energy efficient lighting operated by movement sensors is specified as standard.