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BBI offer a funding facility that is developed specifically to cater for the Office fit-Out Market and is a new way to Finance the Total Office Interior Project which includes all professional fees. We offer an instant credit line that allows companies to undertake the Complete Office Fit-Out and Furniture Installation now, rather than wait for Capital Expenditure Approval, and draw down additional funds as the business requires them.

Customer Benefits

Small & Medium Enterprises
Most Businesses understand the benefits of either refurbishing or refitting their working environments - the positive influence in staff morale, productivity and loyalty are well documented.  However, the cost of a Professional Design & Build Project can sometime result in the project being either postponed, significantly downgraded or undertaken over an extended length of time in order to achieve the original desired finish.
By opting for the 100% Tax Deductible Finance Leasing option, all scope of works can be undertaken immediately at an agreed fixed cost and is paid for out of operational rather than capital expenditure.

Lawyers - Architects - Partnerships LLLP etc
As partners in these firms pay tax @ 40 - 45%, leasing offers significant cost savings compared to paying for the project, from either the partners reserves or via a Bank Loan or Overdraft Facility.  With an average fit-out, we estimate this saving can be as much as up to 18% of the overall project cost compared with paying for these works with either of the above methods.  This is due to all lease rentals being 100% tax deductible against taxable profits and does not have to be capitalised in the same way as a cash purchase or loan agreement.  A principle benefit of leasing is that the cost is fixed and spread over an agreed period of time.  This means that the current partners are not paying up front for capital expenditure which future partners coming into the partnership will benefit from.  If leasing the office fit out is included as a revenue item in the firms overheads, then the new partners will also pay towards this out of their general contribution.

If you don't opt for Finance Lease then the Revenue only allows you to reclaim Capital Allowances against approximately 65% of the project value.  However if you Finance Lease these works then the repayments are 100% tax allowable, unlike other forms of finance such as a Bank Loan. 
The 100% Allowance makes Leasing the most Tax Efficient method of refurbishing your premises.